A little background on how things got started. We are a family of grape growers who in 2006, started a vinegar and olive oil business.  After success in transforming our barn into our production facility, a tasting room was the next step which included adding wine to the list of products.

We harvested our grapes as usual in 2014, except this time instead of all the grapes going to other wineries for crush, a few got left behind, and ended up going to our first wine crush.  Very exciting time for our family!  Come share our passion for great wine, food and friendship. We invite you to enjoy some friendly conversation, and pleasurable wine, along with our vinegar and olive oil product lines.

Available to Purchase in our Tasting Room, and at the
Wine & Visitor Center, 2545 West Turner Road, Lodi, Ca 95242

2015 District 11 Chardonnay

Oak free, which allows the unique characteristics of the vineyard to come through.  A crisp and refreshing wine brilliant in acidity, which gives a burst of tropical fruit, peach and apple flavors.  Alc. 13%

$14 per bottle – $12.60 Club Consumnes

2015 Thunder Oak Chardonnay

Our skin contact Chardonnay is old world style, for a fuller bodied wine with a cream richness finishing on the palate. Alc. 14.5%

$17 per bottle – $15.30 Club Consumnes

2015 District 11 Moscato

Sweet, crisp and sophisticated.  Intense aromas of orange blossoms, peaches, ripe pineapples and citrus overwhelm the nose.  Alc. 8.5%

$14 per bottle – $12.60 Club Consumnes

District 11 Grand Cuvee – Sparkling Wine

A crisp and fruitful bubbly, totally graceful from start to finish.  A hint of sweetness come through the bubbles. Alc. 11%

$16 per bottle – $14.40 Club Consumnes

2014 District 11 Old Vine Zinfandel

A toast to the vine! This zinfandel comes from 75 year old vine from our Peltier Ranch.  Boosts full fruit flavors of berry and plum, with a light hint of oak.  Alc. 14.5%

$21 per bottle – $18.90 Club Consumnes

2014 Thunder Oak Old Vine Zinfandel

Oak meets Thunder to create this bold, rich exciting blend of zesty aromas and ripe berries.  Pairs well with a thick steak and a cigar.  Alc. 14.5%

$26 per bottle – $23.40 Club Consumnes

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