Our Wines

District 11 Grand Cuvee Sparkling Wine

A crisp and fruitful bubbly, graceful from start to finish with just a hint of sweetness. Alc.11%
$16.00 per bottle


Delta Breeze Cuvee Sec Sparkling Wine

Complex, it opens on the nose with notes of rose water. The citrus elements, green apple and pear dance on your tongue with an herbal finish of lemongrass and thyme.
Alc. 11.5% $14.00 per bottle


Delta Breeze Cuvee Rouge Sparkling Wine

A delicate pale pink hue from Pinot Noir skin contact. This beautifully balanced effervescent wine has fresh acidity and delightful notes of raspberry.
Alc. 11.5%



Aged in stainless steel barrels. This allows the unique characteristics of the Chardonnay to come through. A crisp and refreshing wine brilliant in acidity, which gives a burst of tropical fruit, peach and apple. Alc. 13% $15.00 per bottle

2020 Thunder Oak Chardonnay

Aged 1 year in American Oak gives this Chardonnay a sophisticated wine that gives way to a soft mouth feel with hints of caramel and toasted spice.
Alc. 13.9% $18.00 per bottle


2020 District 11 Moscato

A wonderful Moscato, crisp and refreshing wine with fruit aromas of peaches, pineapples and citrus. Extends to the palate through flavors of sweet tropical fruit.

Alc. 13.9% $18.00 per bottle



Our 2020 Lodi Albariño has floral aromas and notes of grapefruit and honeydew melon.  Light bodied wine with a crisp citrusy finish.

Alc. 12.0% $18.00 per bottle


2017 District 11 Merlot

Hand-crafted, this wine opens with blueberries on the nose. Beautifully balanced with touches of cocoa and black currant
Alc. 14.5% $24.00 per bottle


2020 Barreled Cabernet Sauvignon

Lodi-grown, light bodied, more delicate nature than your average Cabernet. This wine has the aromas of red berries, tobacco and chocolate with complex tastes, including vanilla, toast, and coffee. It’s a dynamic wine that will continue to age.
Alc. 14.5% $24.00 per bottle


2017 District 11 Old Vine Zinfandel

Hand-picked from nearly 80 your old vine, this wine shows deep maturity and structure. Full fruit flavors of berry and plum with just a hint of French oak.
Alc. 14.5% $26.00 per bottle


2018 Barreled Old Vine Zinfandel

The 2018 vintage picked from the same field as our District 11 hits the nose and explodes with blueberries, black plums, and cocoa. Lush with incredibly silky tannins that slide into a long, flavorful finish.
Alc. 14.5% $26.00 per bottle


all wines are Available to Purchase in our Tasting Room